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Default Coverage

I drive to and from Concord every day.

Coverage on 28 from Weston Auto Body to Chichester is excellent. When leaves are on the trees, there is a dead spot right down the hill from Weston Auto Body, otherwise no gaps.

No other provider, including AT&T, has that whole road covered.

The back way through Gilmanton IW is terrible, Verizon phones display "extended" with several bars but no data and no messages/texts are available. I presume this is the territory of one of the local companies.

I understand T-Mobile is not bad in Downtown Wolfe City, but it's absent for 25 miles along Route 28.

From Belmont to the Iron Works, Verizon is spotty, on/off. I don't know about AT&T.

109 Wolfeboro to Moultonborough, and then down 25 to Meredith, Verizon is excellent.
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