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Default But they saved the buffalo!

Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
Believe it or not there are a number of fenced in "game ranches" in New England where one can hunt all sorts of "exotic" species meaning not native to this area. This is a concept I simply don't understand as to me "hunting" in a confined area stocked with game is not really hunting. Everyone has their opinion I suppose. I do agree though if that population ever got loose and established who knows what the impact would be. As previously mentioned they are destructive and aggressive. You can bet if I ever end up face to face with one in the woods, it's going to be a bad day for that pig.
It really depends on how big the confined area is, I guess... Over west of Sunapee in Croydon area, there is a 25,000+ acre (!) fenced ranch owned privately called Corbin Park. Lots of room for animals to roam and get away from hunters. This is a very exclusive hunting area, that still has elk. This place actually had a herd of buffalo that was used to repopulate the American West (if you've ever been to Yellowstone, you've seen the NH herd's descendants!) after the bison out west were wiped out. So without a private hunting preserve, we wouldn't have any wild buffalo - always trade-offs...

Corbin Park also had wild hogs that were imported from Europe for hunting. They escaped the fence after a storm way back, and have spread in the wild. That would be a long way to go though to make it up to Center Harbor!
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