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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
The Walmart in Tilton has waders in its' fishing area, while the Plymouth and Gilford Walmarts have no waders. Tilton Walmart has the Hodgeman brand waders at three price levels; aprox $14.88, $49, and $99; purchased and tried the $14.88 and $49 waders the last couple years for dock removal/install only to quickly go leaky, and leaky waders in icy water gets you very cold and wet, very fast, no good for doing dock work. Dry waders go a long, long way for doing dock work in icy cold water.

Finally, I went with the big money $99 waders yesterday, and they actually work good and do not go leaky ...... hurray for dry waders!

Wearing long underwear and heavy socks under the dry waders, the icy cold 34-degree water is really not too cold for a 2-3 hour stretch of doing the in & out dock removal thing ...... totally the opposite with leaky waders .... leaky waders in icy water are like totally terri-bobble.

Probably, the $99-Hodgeman are neoprene, and the $49 and $14.88-Hodgeman are pvc coated nylon which have gone leaky at the seam in some hidden, invisible spot.

Nice thing about Tilton-Walmart is you can try 'em on for size, right there in the fishing aisle, and no one looks at you funny when you do jumping jacks to make sure they are a good fit and feel.

Dry neoprene waders make dock work in ice water pretty much doable .... more or less.
I would return the others and at least get a noodle credit.
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