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Originally Posted by jeffk View Post
When I read this, why do I start thinking about Jurassic Park? An aggressive and potentially dangerous species that is supposedly contained in a fenced in area? Let's hope your first sighting of them doesn't turn out to be in the middle of a singular of angry boars.
Believe it or not there are a number of fenced in "game ranches" in New England where one can hunt all sorts of "exotic" species meaning not native to this area. This is a concept I simply don't understand as to me "hunting" in a confined area stocked with game is not really hunting. Everyone has their opinion I suppose. I do agree though if that population ever got loose and established who knows what the impact would be. As previously mentioned they are destructive and aggressive. You can bet if I ever end up face to face with one in the woods, it's going to be a bad day for that pig.
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