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That's a good question for our friends at Subaru. Of the people that I've talked with over the years, preventing the issue sounds to me to be two-fold, clean oil and redesign the gasket (which has already happened by now. There was merely an 8-10 year delay on the part of Subaru but no biggie, right?).

I have a very good long term relationship with a Subaru dealer in NH and at one point in time they were telling me to add a factory-recommended liquid to the cooling system. This was prior to the gasket redesign so, 15+ years ago.

Problem is, as I see it, with the oil change intervals moving around, viscosity changing, the additives to the cooling system that are no longer being recommended and placing the costs to repair a known and widely documented design flaw on their customers, Subaru has certainly done their best to cut off their nose despite their face and not acknowledge this in any meaningful way.

For me, every vehicle manufacturer has some type of nonsense to deal with, it's just a matter of what you are willing to put up with as a customer.
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