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Default Lost Anchor near Varney Islands

Hello All,

Happy New Year. As I was thinking about the fun boating memories this past year, I remembered that I had to leave my Anchor after it got wedged under a boulder while anchored off the Varney Islands close to Harmony Is.

I was only in about 10 feet of water and it was getting late so I was not able to unscrew the Anchor Chain and Shackle. And of course I did not have a knife to cut the 150' of rope.

So... I made sure the rope sank to the bottom and made plans to return the next day with snorkel and fins. I was not able to get the anchor out from the rock, but with the help of my 12 year old daughter and a couple of noodles, I was able to unscrew the shackle, anchor chain and rope. We had to leave the anchor. My guess is someone with scuba equipment will be able to get the anchor with a little patience.

Question -
How often does this happen to people and are there any recommendations to keep it from happening?
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