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Originally Posted by camp guy View Post
With all due respect, and with all the humility I can find within my aging personality, there is NO "hamburger" worth $16.00. If a restaurant wants to sell a rounded, flattened, collection of ground beef for $16.00, then I humbly suggest they change its name to something other than 'hamburger'.
Age old argument yet again. Why would you change it - it is in fact a burger.

So here is a short list of nearby places you wont frequent either as they have burgers in the $14-16-ish price point :

Cactus Jacks / T-Bones
405 Pub

What you are saying is a testament upon yourself - you cannot realize that there can be a $16 burger that's worth money spent. Truffle fries or not and cuts of beef are ignored. You just want to say that there is no way this is worthwhile? Ok, understood.

So make a new post for that and leave it out of a new restaurant thread regarding a place that has been over a year in opening, and that some of us want to thrive? Because what you are saying has zero relevance here, unless you care to comment on their burger? Oh, apologies, you won't ever have it.

If only reviews could be limited to those that have something to truly review?
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