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Originally Posted by Crusty View Post
"Soon" is such a relative term. From their occasional Facebook posts, they appear to have encountered difficulty in obtaining contractors. Just why is anyone's guess, but I imagine that they are being pretty picky about workmanship. They may also have experienced delays in obtaining custom equipment, getting inspections (don't get me started), or dealing with the unforeseen conditions that are an unavoidable part of old buildings.

Restaurants that rush to meet an opening deadline are a regular topic on this forum and few folk want to cut them any slack as they try to operate a not-yet-ready enterprise.

As I recall, the building was not that expensive. Of course, while it sits idle, they are paying for heat and taxes. Without a staff, however, it isn't "costing a fortune". That will come shortly, as staff training begins.

My prediction, based on nothing but speculation, is for a February opening. Their "concept", still under wraps, will be something that will be geared to serve both summer tourists and winter locals. Food quality and service will be excellent from the start. They will advertise a lot.

I think of all the posts about this subject, your last two sentences are the most cogent.

Good luck to the new owners.
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