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Lightbulb ... hula hooping w/ 6-lb hula hoop

For about $55 to 60, Amazon has two different hula hoops made by HEALTH HOOP that weigh 6.17 and 6.84 lbs which are the heaviest hula hoops that I can find.

I started out with a 3.5-lb hula hoop, and after about a month got one of these six pounders just to give it a try.

Hula hooping does really good things for your health, fitness, and strength over-all because it is fun to do for about 20-30 minutes with loud rock'n music, and it definitely strengthens and slims your mid-section, abdominal muscles, and hips. It makes you feel stronger and faster for game like tennis or pickleball.

The six-lb hula hoop is much wider or thicker than the normal thin hula, and has many knobs on the inside, similar to teeth on a circular saw, so it sort of grinds off the fat from your mid-section with each revolution. Not really, but you understand what I am saying.

While it does make you look a little goofy while doing the hula hoop, it gives you some great mid-body slim down, and increases over-all strength and good health with the HEALTH HOOP brand of hula hoops. They are expensive at $55-60, but worth it because it is well made, durable, long lasting, and fun to do.

Can be done inside or out, but outside even in cold temperatures is a better experience with the loud music blasting away. It become a type of repetitive exercise personal happening that works the abdominal muscle groups and eliminates mid-section fat you always want to lose.

If I could find an 8 or 10-lb hula hoop, I give it a try, but probably it does not exist.

If you want to add 35-years to your life, live to 102 with strong health, hula hooping will achieve this for you .... you understand!

Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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