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Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
Reaching out to any Subaru owners or mechanics....

My wife has a 2011 Subaru Outback with 80k miles.

I was recently told by a mechanic that the 'timing belt' should be changed around
90k miles. Is this a Subaru dealer recommendation?
How long can these 'belts' actually last, to be on the safe side ?

Anyone go through the replacement before?
Cost ? Repair shop suggestions ?
Run it to 105k (or right through to end of next year) and don't worry about it.

The mileage and age limitations as defined by Subaru are 105,000 miles or 105 months (8yrs 8months). This page gives an example of the maintenance schedule.

When the vehicle reaches the timing belt service interval, consider purchasing the t-belt/ pulley/ water pump kit. You 'can' do the camshaft seals but I've yet to see ones that are weeping or leaking on the EJ253 engines.

Also, check which coolant you have (blue or green) and be sure to use that same color. Do not mix.

I've performed this service standing in my driveway several times on the EJ253 and EJ255/257 engines. 3hrs for the belt alone is reasonable. Plan on 5hrs if the pulleys and water pump are being replaced as well.

Cost should be in the neighborhood of $800-1000 to do the t-belt and water pump service in general. There's nothing special about this service, no exotic tools or procedures required.

For whatever it's worth, of the Subarus I've owned:

2001 Impreza 2.5RS, timing belt was done at 125k.

2005 Legacy GT, wasn't done at 147k when it was sold and the new owner is STILL running it.

2008 Legacy GT, 142k and still going

2009 Legacy 2.5i, 136k

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