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My wife had a 2010 Forester, her 3rd and last Subaru. The engine is an "interference design" which means that if the timing belt breaks while at speed, the pistons will smash against valves. Major engine rebuild. So I would not wait 'till the 100K + range.

She did have a major engine rebuild at 90K miles when the head gaskets started to leak. So the timing belt was done at the same time. All required the engine to be removed for rebuild. Not easy with a Subaru. Our mechanic said that Subaru s of that vintage with 90K miles either have had the head gaskets replaced or will need it soon.

About 2 thousands miles later the drive shaft central bearing went south, requiring a complete drive shaft replacement. By by Subaru.

So now she is driving a Toyota RAV4. Happy now.
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