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Originally Posted by Not to Worry View Post
I was a customer. He was great!! Then when I was simply looking for a regular service call he could not arrange a time. I understand if he is busy...just say that versus putting the customer off over and over again. IMHO some of these contractors do not get that service is the gravy train that allows them to make money in both good and bad times.

Not to worry I found someone else to do the annual service.
I had the same issue with my fence guy. He had been repairing my fence for the past 20 years.
He came and looked at it back in May, said he would take care of it, and never returned after repeated calls.
I have a new fence guy now and he did a terrific job. He wasn't very complimentary of the guy who did the repairs in the past. He said they were done half a$$ed.
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