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Default I remember the Wee Hoose

Originally Posted by upthesaukee View Post
My mom's aunt and uncle were Jim and Millie Foster. They were Scottish immigrants that lived in Andover MA. On a trip up to the lake by train, they saw the lake and the mountains, and Uncle Jim said that this area was the closest he would get to Scotland without traveling back there. Initially he had a platform with a wall tent and eventually built a cabin which he called the "Wee Hoose", Scottish dialect for little house. It was 71 years ago that I first came the lake as an infant. Since 1946, I have only missed a couple of years at the lake while I was I the military. Lots of memories of dances for the little kids, then being put to bed, and a group of parents would make the rounds of the camps to make sure the kids were ok. (Try doing that today!)(Of course, once you were put to bed, you stayed there. ) Don't know if the Wee Hoose is still there.

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I remember seeing the Wee Hoose as a kid. We lived four cabins down from Mini-Ha-Ha (now Elacoya). We would come up to the lake from New Jersey at the end of June and go back just before Labor Day. I always thought that no one in New Jersey had better summers than we did. It was truly a blessing to spend the summer each year at Lake Shore Park.
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