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Originally Posted by Oletimer View Post
Looks like there is a fractured dock in this picture today! Seems it broke into two pieces. Anyone else have different idea. Owner apparently does not know about it.
Yeah, it's my dock It broke for no apparent reason other than the wood is very old, and I think it finally gave up the ghost !!

I have the exact time when it broke, since the camera uploads a picture every minute and I keep about a months worth at a time on the server. It just broke, and there are actually four cables that hold the dock up - all going back to one cable, so the load is distributed.

Now, this leads to a follow-on question: I am going to obviously have to repair the dock in the spring, and I am seriously thinking of going with aluminum - home built if possible to save dollars.

Looking at aluminum trusses that can be obtained in various lengths. 4 16 footers would do it - two on each side for a length of 32 feet, which is what I have now.

With some cross bracing, that would make a very strong frame that would not rot (and will most likely be lighter) !

Anyway, looking at various alternatives.

Any advise would be appreciated.
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