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Originally Posted by Hivolt View Post
Wind direction plays as big a role as wind speed in the broads imo. I was in your situation 4 seasons ago as a brand new boater I decided to rent a place on the NW tip of rattlesnake. I fortunately had good weather during my first stay but having been to the same place multiple times a year for the last 3 seasons Iíve started to learn when is a good time to go out and when to stay put. When thereís a NW or N wind, all hell can break loose in the broads.

We ventured out to Wolfeboro Sunday morning for breakfast and left in a fairly calm West wind. When we exited Wolfeboro Bay We realized the wind had turned NW, we knew we were in for a rough ride and rough docking. While the place we stay has a protected dock the boat I purchased has high freeboard and loses the bow quickly.

I had 11-12 mph sustained winds on my wind gauge on rattlesnake with gusts to 16 which isnít too bad.
Thanks for the good info.

I saw the following in another web site today . This was totally us last weekend.

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