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WMUR has the 1:19 duck beater video ...... plus there's an internet petition with 1200 on board for tougher punishment than a 3 football game ban and community service. Everyone and their bother and sister get's all holier than thou when given the opportunity to express their anger over a savage beat down with a broom handle on a harmless Lake Winnipesaukee Mallard duck ...... ka-boom ..... quack-quack!

This duck beat down story has traveled all the way to an English newspaper, the Guardian of London.

Back in 1968, at my time in high school, the school had a big pile of rocks weighing about 10-25 lbs each, with the pile about the size of a pick-up truck, and for punishment, students could get 90-minute blocks of detention, which meant picking up and moving the rock pile about 75-yards, from one end of a field to the other end .... one rock at a time .... adjacent to a parking lot .... and seen by other students. For this duck beating, an adjudicated punishment could be five blocks of detention, 90-minutes each, held on five consecutive Friday afternoons, scheduled at the same time as the Friday football game.

Everyone knew what the rock pile was there for ...... and students walked past it, all the time, on their way to the gym. Bespoken comments such as 'you do that, you nitwit, and you'll get the rock pile' were not uncommon. ...

Moving heavy rocks was an informative punishment because it gave you a lot of time to think about what you had done, and you never forget that 'moving the rock pile.' Plus, when that yellow school bus passed by you, as you was carrying a heavy rock, you got taunted by the entire bus of fellow students with epithets hollered from the open windows like ....... hey buddy, get to work ...... move that pile ..... you is mov'n too slow, buddy ..... get it moved over there!

So, it was pretty effective punishment.
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