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Question Be a Clumsy Driver—Get Rewarded?

Originally Posted by TheTimeTraveler View Post
This is all about the automobile manufacturers controlling the keys for all the vehicles you now buy. Big money @ $200 or $300 per FOB. Remember the days you could go to your local Locksmith and they'd make as many keys as you want for $5 each (or less) ? It's all about control and huge profit.
Back when these were a new "thing", I remember a Toyota owner having to pay four-figures for a replacement. (!) Then it turned out his car insurance would pay for it....

Then I read that Toyota braqged that they had never had to replace the battery pack in their Prius model.

The explanation later came out that their instruction book said to replace the battery pack after collisions—however slight the collision.

Guess who's paid for all those batteries?
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