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Originally Posted by Patofnaud View Post
Recently retired my 20' 70hp dual 'toon.

I've gone across the broads on a Saturday with 1 - 2 foot whitecaps, not fun, very tiring. Doable but not recommended.

Have folks sit to rear, trim nose up so you are not trying to be a torpedo. Best to stay closer to the side of the lake and not out in the middle.

Keep the speed up faster around what the waves are moving at. Too slow and you will nose dive into a trough. Too fast and you drive your colon into your kidneys.

First-year I had my 20' I did not know this, on a Saturday afternoon in Medideth Bay not far out from the Wears I slowed down to let a big Caver go past my bow, and the trough was so bad, I blew out my port side panel and had water dripping off the entire inside of my bimini. I probably took at least 6 inches of solid water over my front seats.
Thanks. The boat took water inside before but the one on Sunday was really bad. Huge amount of water. What concerned me the most was the damage to the panel on front door. It popped out and dented. I am still trying to understand if the waves make the damage or door opened and hit something.
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