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"Over in the camping section at Walmart, they have a $12 plastic toilet seat and lid that fits onto the top of a 5-gal plastic bucket. And, there's two different lids that snap on tightly to the same 5-gal bucket, so it can be sealed up and removed for dumping and cleaning into the toilet, back home. All three items run about $17."

Can't say I always agree with FLL, but this time, he is spot on.

5 gal bucket, lined with small kitchen trash liners x2, some kitty litter, and a snap-on toilet seat is MUCH nice than dealing with blue water, rubber gloves, flushing out, pumping out. And, it sits higher than one of the suitcase-style so you are not kissing your knees.. Keep a small plastic container of kitty litter nearby to cover. and to lay a base down It actually does not smell bad either.
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