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I remember the date well, 50 years ago......

I was working at MIT at the time. MIT was a govt. contractor for NASA.
MIT was providing Navigational and Control guidance systems for Apollo mission. . I was given a high-level govt. clearance for my job, but so was anyone connected to the project.

My job was operation of one of the super computers located at MIT in Cambridge. Even though I considered my job minimal, as compared to all the scientists and technicians involved, there was definitely a sense of comradery and American pride by all who participated. I was only one of literally thousands of NASA workers and govt contrators, to make it all happen.

One cool thing I remember, was there was mockup Apollo Simulator capsule in the building, where the technicians could trouble-shoot and diagnose scenarios. What a thrill that was, seeing that capsule up close !

It was an exciting time of my life, which I will never forget. After the mission was completed, all those who participated received Certificates of Commendation hand signed by 'Stark Draper', of 'Draper Laboratories' who partnered with MIT. The Commendation has been framed and hangs in my office to this day.

Memories forever !
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