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Originally Posted by aydinlik View Post
I was guessing that i might need an upgrade at some point as i learn more. Therefore i sticked to a used boat. Given that i just get this boat i need to learn to live with it for few years .

My biggest challange at the beginning was docking. I think i am getting much better at it. Now i need to learn how to deal with choppy waters with our life jackets on

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Well I think you said it right "might" no need to rush, there are lots of things to consider for a new boater before making any change.

Also know that there are lots of small and medium size boats on the lake and they do fine.

There is a funny balance between finding your personal comfort zone in boat size and determining your tolerance for rough ride and then your ability to plan your trips. It can take a while to get it all figured out, so know you are not the first person to struggle with all this, I think we all do.

Your plan to start small is also sound, I think its much easier to learn on an smaller boat before moving up. (others may disagree,,,)

Having a good sense of your limits and knowing that you dont know it all but want to learn tells my you will figure it all out and be fine.

Most of all, dont let a rough day on the water drag you down for too long. Get back on the boat and try again and get more time at the helm and most of all ENJOY.

I've been boating on Winnipesaukee since diapers, being there is almost medicinal. It just seems to cure all that ails me ;-) I hope you come to enjoy it as much as I do.
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