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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Is this not the basis for red flag laws? And we excuse it because they are under 18? Granted the immaturity factor, but when you severely punish such behavior, I believe there is a carry over effect to other youngsters. When I and friends wanted to do stupid things in HS , we were vividly aware of what happened to other kids. There was little awareness of the effects on adult criminals. I don't think that awareness level has changed much. And, there is still the attitude, "It's OK, we're under 18, they can't do anything to us."
I recall when the growing up penalty was 30 days or see your recruiter before 4:00 pm TODAY. It's unfortunate that some of these do-no-gooders are no longer qualified for military service. (We should have universal service, but that's another thread)
EXACTLY. So how do they get on the red flag list? This might take this topic to the side a bit but GREAT QUESTION... Is there a way to find a list they might be on?
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