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Originally Posted by stingray60 View Post
First, thanks for the Ventusky link. Didn't know that one.

Next, cap'n, mates, n passengers have to keep their cool when things get rough. Knowing what people need to do if things go wrong is the captain's responsibilty before you leave the dock.

Everyone must be wearing a flotation vest specially if it looks like rough stuff ahead. With children aboard you can't help them if you have to help yourself first. No way can they help you if you are not wearing a vest.

Teach them what to do if things go wrong or if something happens to you, and practice the drills at the dock and on the lake. Fear lessens if people know what to do before it happens. Learn three simple knots: half-hitch, bowline, clove-hitch. Their confidence will lessen your stress.

Take a boating safety class with your kids.

Keep a marine VHF radio aboard. A cell phone is not the right tool for the job.

My kids learned all of this very young. I insisted. Boating can be lots of fun but you and they have to know what to do when it isn't.
Thanks! I am reading this to my kids now. My son is 8 and my daughter is 11. I am hoping that they will be much better boater than me when they grow up. I was planning to gey get my wife to take boating safety class. Is there one for kids as well?

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