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Originally Posted by aydinlik View Post
I am very new to boating. I recently purchased a 21 foot pontoon. I try to make sure the weather is good and calm for a newbie like me before i go out. However couple of time the weather got windy suddenly and scaring me and my kids. Today the boat took water a few times. One of the waves was so violent that it bent and popped the aluminum plate in front door out. I was fast but not too fast, maybe 15 mph. The boat has 90hp engine so it doesn't go so fast anyway. We live in broads so i can't avoid the open area.

Do you guys have any advice about when we should go out for boating for weather? Todays weather shows 10mps winds abd 15 nohs gusts. Is that too much for me? be i am not driving the boat propoerly? Yes i have a boating license.
If you live in the Broads, I would just look out the window, and if the Broads are calm, the rest of the lake is calm, you are good to go, nothing to be afraid of...
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