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Originally Posted by Hillcountry View Post
In my opinion (and it’s just an opinion) for some years now kids have been killing anything and everything on the violent, video games we all know about.
I believe some kill so much on the games that they stop getting their thrill of the kill in fantasy mode. Years of this being drummed into the brain might cause someone to think about killing a real living warm blooded creature (to include humans) to see if they can renew their thrill to kill and take it to the next “level” so to speak. The violent games, over years and years, cannot be “good” for anyone. Think about teens that have invaded people’s homes in recent years and killed them for no reason...
I believe, and I'm starting to see research to support, that video games are psychologically designed to increase amygdala activation and that extended use hinders prefrontal cortex development.

This, added to Bandura's studies revealing the resulting aggression from aggressive models (as opposed to the cathartic response previously assumed), suggests that kids being raised in and among more violent forms of media--games, movies, music, social--would have a higher likelihood of initially engaging in and/or being unable to separate from aggressive and emotionally charged situations.

I've not seen the video, but it's a terribly sad story.

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