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Default Water Heater Suggestions

Good morning everyone,

I recently had a well dug at my property and the pressure tank is inside my house in a closet.

I use the property mainly in the spring-summer-Fall but will occasionally visit in the winter.

I would like some recommendations/advice on electric water heaters. I had originally planned on saving space and putting a tankless electric heater in the closet but I am afraid it won't get the water hot enough and provide solid pressure.

So do I put one tankless in the closet and then another at point of use? (I only have 2 sinks a shower and a washing machine). Do I put in a slender traditional heater and still hook up point of use heaters? I;m not sure if i can fit a traditional 60 gallon electric heater in that closet but if I can just go with that?

For your info I had lake water with a 30 gallon heater in the crawl space- with the amount of guests I have that was not nearly enough.

Thanks everyone!
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