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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Hey, here's an item from yesterday's Sept 4, 2019 about some students from Kennett High School in Conway while attending a football practice camp at Camp Winaukee in Moultonborough on Lake Winnipesaukee, and they posted a video on social media that shows a duck being killed with a broom.

Posting that video was a very dumb move ..... what were they thinking?

Oh well ..... chalk this one off to "boys will be boys" and this stuff happens. I can recall a rest period spent watching some other campers playing frog ball at age-9 with a canoe paddle and a live bull frog back at Camp Litchaven summer camp, way back in 1961 ..... with that poor frog getting totally smashed up ... except there was no social media and smart phones, present .... back then.

As the saying goes ...... boys will be boys? Completely different post.

Good grief!
Not what you wrote originally. You do this all the time.
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