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Thumbs up This is harder than I thought...

I know that the hot spots and setups are only found from time on the water, earning the knowledge. Rightfully so. I want to preface this by saying "that is not what I am looking for here" Just some basic pointers to get me heading in the right direction.

I am probably late to the party this year, it has taken me about three years to get things to fish and the boat piecemeal.
I am heading up to the lake with my father in law, 72 y/o Vietnam Vet who loves to fish and has not been able to for some time. I have my boat docked in Alton Bay. I started my quest to purchase two junk down riggers, Penn FAthom masters that I slowly rebuilt and got setup. (think they are working ok, have not tried them yet.) I have 12 pound round weights. I saved to get some poles and lead core. Nothing fancy here just entry level stuff.

I got three downrigger poles and two lead core poles. I got some flies and top gun lures. I plan to run the flies on lead and lures on riggers?

My Lowrance has down and side scan, I have no idea what the side scan shows but can mark some fish on downscan. I made a cruise up through the broads to center harbor and marked some bait with fish under them on bottom. Tried to jig but got nothing.

Just want to know if I am heading in the right direction or should I be focusing on using only one method to be more productive.

I work at the VA in Manchester and thinking if I can figure this out, I may open up a couple times per year to bring a Vet out fishing as part of the recreational rehab program. We will see. I need to learn to do this first.

I am not sure if I know the proper way to setup a trolling leader, I Youtube'd it and mostly they are all for big lake stuff like Ontario and Michigan.

Thanks for any pointers you want to share and if you see me out there give me a shout. Black 20 foot Starweld
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