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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
First of all the "crash" was not a crash the Dive saw seeking safe harbor during a storm, yes they did not anticipate water on the deck but you cannot call it a bad business plan when the Dive is packed every time it ventures to a sandbar and their evening events and charters are always sold out.

Yes some kinks to work out, remember it has not even been open for a full season yet and based on attendance I think they are moving in the right direction
From my understanding; it takes three years to determine a restaurant’s chances. The first year can be very busy with the curious and adventurous people. The second year is when we learn if word of mouth is on their side. The third year is when we find out if they’ve created a loyal clientele. If we make any call before that we have about the same chance as a New Hampshire weather forecaster.
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