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Originally Posted by JEEPONLY View Post
The picture posted by "billy" look exactly like my Sammy- He is definitely a shrimp cat. He knows that I dice it up for him, and he can hear the knife on the plate-comes running from any room in the house.

My two cats are house cats.

Hate to say it, but owls would be the predators I would worry about most if one of my cats got out- they've been inside so long, they walk away from the doors when they open. Still- have to warn any workers who have to be in the house.
There are a number of predators that will take a cat...I have seen a red fox traveling the roadside with one in its jaws...Gray foxes are a little small but coyotes and even stray dogs are prolific cat killers. Not to mention birds of prey (nocturnal)
Here kitty kitty kitty...
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