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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
Descant, I agree with most everything you have posted about the ancient history of the family. Most of what you posted occurred a minimum of 40 years ago and much of it was 50 - 60 years ago. No doubt, back in their day, they contributed to the growth of the area and substantially grew their business and profits.

What has the current generation done other than sell boats? None of the many things you posted makes the lake the "attraction it is today" That is my point.

Yes, many years ago there was a dance hall with bands in the Pier but the current structure is an eyesore, structurally declining, and one of the reasons keeping the Weirs area from substantial improvements.

Who would invest in a new structure or substantial capital improvements in Weirs Beach with the Pier in the middle of their investment?

Look forward, not backwards.
The irwins still help the area greatly. Employ many etc. This is a fact. What have you done? Easy go pass judgment from a keyboard.
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