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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
Interesting post. While I'm not expressing an opinion about the Irwins, what have they done, other than run a for profit business selling boats, to make the lake "the attraction the lake is today"?
Running a successful business for 100 years and providing 100';s of jobs is an acceptable answer, and stands on its own, but there's more.
The Irwins don't just sell bots. Jim Irwin Sr, as a musician, came to Laconia and built several businesses and promoted them outside the area to bring tourists that benefitted the region. He built and ran Irwin's Winnipesaukee Gardens, the boardwalk, The Miss Winnipesaukee Speedboats…the list goes on. One popular spot on the Boardwalk used to be a BINGO hall; proceeds all went to charity. Of course, Jim Sr. was a leader of the group that brought the Chateguay to Lake Winnipesaukee when the old Mount burned in 1939. Later, Jim Jr. and Jack organized many events at the Weirs that brought people and business to the region. One that sticks in my mind was safe boating week run in conjunction with the Boston Herald Traveler for many years. As President of the Marine Trades Association he invited the ENTIRE NH Legislature to spend a day on the lake with their families, and recruited boat owners to host them and take them to various places around the lake, wherever they wanted to go. A huge undertaking in my mind.
Yes, partially business related, but helping all businesses in the area with promotions builds the region, not just Irwin Marine. BTW, I think thew Irwins were involved along with the Lavallees, in getting the beach at the Weirs built, and renaming the area from the Weirs to "Weirs Beach".
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