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Default Arrogance

I think Kawishiwi is spot on with his arrogance comment. Dive owner felt he could pull up to Alton town docks and take on passengers without any permit, permission or discussion with the town. Early on last summer when The Dive started up some posters voiced their concern on The Dive FB page. Merriam responded that his family/he contributed greatly for building the lake into the attraction it is today, essentially saying I can do what I want because of my family contribution. Interesting that post was deleted shortly after posting it. Not sure who the Merriams are. We all know who the Irwins are. Love them or hate them the Irwins are more responsible than any other family for the attraction the lake is today. It seems as if Merriam thought he could build a barge and did not plan out how or where he could conduct his business. Just ask for forgiveness later if some one complains.
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