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Exclamation ..... parallel parking only here!

Today's July 27 LaDaSun has an article with a photo: 'Weirs Beach dust-up over floating bar called The Dive' (google that) that is totally informative and incredibly well researched.

Basically, the Simpson Ave residential neighbors want The Dive to be moved to the other side of the large Pier building, close to the 220' Mount Washington cruise ship, while The Dive owners want it to remain in its' existing spot.

Here's another outcome that wasn't mentioned: simply turn the barge sideways so it is parallel parked/docked up against the Pier. At 22' wide x 62' long x 22' high with the awning, turning it sideways would reduce the silhouette from 22' high x 66' long down to a silhouette of 22' high x 22' wide which is 1/3 the size ..... simply by parallel parking .... a big difference.

Who knows, but if and when Flightcraft (landlord) seeks approval for their required amended site plan with the on September 3, it could be an easier go with the big barge parked parallel to the dock as opposed to adjacent, as it now is, which is basically a 22' high x 62' long wall that blocks the neighbor's long time held and cherished Winnipesaukee big money, water view.

How's that for a solution!

By parallel parking like this, basically everyone; Flightcraft (landlord), The Dive (tenant), & the neighbors (residential abuttors) should all be unhappy with the end result, all except for the nearby Mount Washington cruise ship which is the biggest fish in the lake. Seems that having all parties involved being dissatisfied with the result could be the best decision where everyone loses a little.
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