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Originally Posted by kickinbassnh View Post
Just a matter of time before you LIBS ruin NH like you did Cal, Colorado, Mass, RI, Conn, New York, Vermont. And many many other States, Cities, and Towns. Even you admit Cal is done for. To bad you little Snowflakes can't get over Hillary lost. LOL. I have to agree with Nitroman, Biggd really is a Waltham Mass LOWLIFE SCUMBAG. probably living on Mommy and daddy's money.
You know I am not saying who I voted for, but there are millions of people in California, Colorado, New York, and New Jersey, Rhode Island and many other states who are very unhappy in what's going on there.
But in every state there is some population of jerks like you (although, I think, relatively small). So, have a nice day.
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