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Originally Posted by Dickie B from HB View Post
Being an ex New Jerseyite, I grew up on the shores of Lake Winni in the summers for the first twenty two years of my life. After that it was a move to California, where it was a wonderful place back in the sixties. Not so much anymore. So now we are soon to be ex Californians, and soon to be Gilford residents again.
But having traveled to most of all of the fifty states, i have to say that I am not sure where anyone could move that is a better place than New Hampshire.
So good luck to Nitrovandam, because you are going to be sorely disappointed.
But New Hampshire will be better off without you.
Just a matter of time before you LIBS ruin NH like you did Cal, Colorado, Mass, RI, Conn, New York, Vermont. And many many other States, Cities, and Towns. Even you admit Cal is done for. To bad you little Snowflakes can't get over Hillary lost. LOL. I have to agree with Nitroman, Biggd really is a Waltham Mass LOWLIFE SCUMBAG. probably living on Mommy and daddy's money.
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