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Originally Posted by MeredithMan View Post
The days of registering a car in NH with a PO box to avoid MA taxes are long gone. BY the way, it is MASS, not NH, who would want to go after these people, because MASS is the one getting hosed out of the tax $$

My daughter is living in our place in Meredith. She bought her first new car a few months ago from a dealer we deal with here in MA. The dealer actually drove the car to the Meredith Town Hall--to "deliver" it to NH-- where my wife and I had to sign a letter to the Town Clerk stating that our daughter was living in our home in Meredith, (because she just moved there and all the utilities and taxes are in my and my wife's name). The Town Clerk then registered the car in my daughter's name in NH.

Not sure how you could register the car in NH anymore without being legit. Maybe there is some elaborate scheme that someone has cooked up, but it's just not worth it, unless you're a Mob Boss moving stolen Lamborghinis...
let me guess she lives there during the week end a works and lives in MASS.

on week days ....
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