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Originally Posted by camp guy View Post
WOW, I'd say nitrovandam is upset about something, but, in his tirade against the out of staters he left out a few points. I don't think I can be as eloquent with my presentation, but I will try to mention a few points.

Let's see, out of staters bring a lot of money to New Hampshire, as do their families and visitors, and New Hampshire's economy benefits from this; out of staters bring a lot of charity to New Hampshire, and churches, museums, schools, hospitals, municipal organizations all benefit from this; out of staters bring volunteer services to New Hampshire, and many, many Towns and groups within Towns benefit from this; out of staters have built homes, furnished homes, bought vehicles, spent money on entertainment and food, and a whole lot of other areas of the economy.

Have out of staters brought "attitude" with them?, yes, but, we (locals) have plenty of our own "attitude" to go around, we have plenty of our own bad drivers, plenty of our own jay walkers, and plenty of our own polluters.

So, nitrovandam, you might rethink your own attitude before you fire off another salvo.

By the way, before you leave New Hampshire, enjoy the summer, and take some pictures.


They bring lies and using New Hampshire loop holes... GO Back to where you came From don't move HERE just come and spend your money.....
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