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Default Left awhile ago, no regrets

Grew up on an island on Winni......great times. Moved away in my twenties, 30 years later when I go back I am astonished of the growth and lack of traffic patterns still . It was bad on certain summa weekends but now itís nonstop.hey change happens for better or worse.
When I left, people from other places were starting to move in in droves. Adirondack houses where camps had been, there were two cigarette boats on lake, mine was faster. Now boats everywhere.
Depends on where you are coming from to get to lake to appreciate it.
My slice of heaven is 100 acres surrounded by state park and rarely leave it.
NH did educate me on being a jack of all trades and hard work will reap rewards.
Oh yeah and.....NH gun rules are what the US should adopt nationwide.
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