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Default Live Free or Die

nitrovandam, I hope you find a place to Live Free because it seems the stress may cause you to end up in another condition.

Yep - I am a flatlander! I love NH. Have loved it since I was a kid staying in the small cabins in Center Harbor or a friends house in Patrician Shores. Also loved visiting my Uncle when he owned the Graystone motel and when my grandparents owned their home in Gilford.

Loved bringing my family up for long weekends and weeks in the summer on Lake Winni and skiing in the winter so much I bought a house in Wolfeboro. Lake and mountain access is great.

I should mention the summers I spent staying with my other uncle in Holderness while he built a nice house in the woods.

Now to your points - I am a conservative flatlander that wants to escape the Liberal torture here in the flatland. My vote has no value, my taxes go up, up, up and I feel like I am paying for other people to have lots of free things. At least, someone must be getting free stuff for all the money we pay in taxes and fees down here in the flatland. So I think people like me, bring cash to your wonderful state and do not burden schools or other resources. Although, when I get old, I am hoping my kids put me in a NH old folks home with a view of a mountain or lake.

So I hope you find your happy place to Live Free because I would hate to see you Die from the stress us Flatlanders have caused you. A-Yup
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