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Originally Posted by tis View Post
I think what most of us mean is that if you came here because you liked it the way it was, why did you want to change it? The people that came here and want to keep it the way it was are fine with us. But I think now it's a little late, we have changed too much already.
I agree but then there are those that come and want to enjoy the natural beauty of the state but then want to force their personal agendas down your throat. The borders that divide states are purposely being torn down to make every state in the union the same, which is not what this country was founded on.

States were supposed to represent the ideals of the majority of its residents and if you do not like them either deal with it or move to a state that most represents those ideals.

There is no reason why the country cannot exist with each state being different on many levels but as I said these borders are disappearing and the same can be said for countries borders also. There are those that desire the world be as "one" and I certainly do not agree with that nor should every state be identical.
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