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Also Winni has been an out-of-state destination for over 100 years. It has been a haven of wealthy people, who do provide growth and prosperity in the region, but usually only care about their own interests (speed limit change for example). I would say most of your issues are caused by the uber wealthy people in the area (huge lawns, huge boats, high prices, etc...) most of whom happen to be Conservative, so I think you're 'thanking' the wrong ilk of people...but enjoy whatever place that is not the beautiful, clean, well educated, amazing state that is New Hampshire. You do know it was just voted the 2nd best state to live in right? Always at the top of these lists when it comes to 'best places to live in the US'...but you go right on leaving, it will make it just that much nicer...

And what is a 'political believes'

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