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Originally Posted by MeredithMan View Post
As some of you may recall from a previous post I made about recommended southern NH towns, we will be moving to the Bedford area. Our home in MA is under agreement and we will be on our way late July. It is unfortunate that we will not be welcome in our new hometown and state.

I understand why we are not welcome....we are horrible people. My daughter is an RN at Concord Hospital, where she works long hours caring for the sick and dying, trying to comfort both patients and families. What a vile young woman she is. My son is a cancer survivor and an engineering student in college, where he is working to learn how to design medical devices so that other cancer kids don't have to endure what he did. How self-centered and uncaring he is.

We have owned homes in Laconia and now Meredith for more than 20 years, and soon we will be a homeowner in the Bedford area. We have contributed to the local economy and town infrastructures via our mid 5-figure annual property tax bill, employing local services people, making major purchases, going to dinner, and shopping at Walmart and Hannaford, and supporting local charities. It is clear that all we do is "take", and give nothing in return. We are obviously a selfish and uncaring family.

Once we get settled in the Bedford area, maybe we can find a shrink or a support group who can help us become better people...who can help us fix our "sh***" attitudes" and help us deal with "never being wanted here".
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