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Originally Posted by Mr. V View Post
I assume the OP is disenchanted by the increasingly *shudder* "liberal" flavor to your state's politics.

Sure, some of it is influenced by out of staters but I'm pretty certain that the NH young folk of today are more "liberal" and tolerant than their parents or grand parents were at their age.
You are correct, it's both, a younger generation that is being pumped full of all sorts of incoherent, self destructive, progressive ideas and a population that is on the move which shares the same mind set. Take a state like NH, with such a small population, it doesn't take much to overrun and change it's culture and long standing traditions. While NH may have it's problems there are certainly places that have suffered more, just look at the mess out in Colorado.

Far as the lake goes, nature did a damn good job in creating a place that is about as perfect as any place on earth, nothing that money can buy or be built by man will make it better, if anything it'd be nice if development was done conservatively and tastefully and it's use was done so in a responsible manner as to preserve it's ambiance that makes it the place it is.
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