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Default In my apartment, watching TV

I was in my apartment here on Long Island, NY, watching the events on my 10 inch circa 1948 B&W TV set. I have slides of the first steps on the moon taken off that TV (somewhere...)

I worked for Grumman, which manufactured the LM, on the LM program from 1964 to 1968. Was on a different project in 1969, but obviously very interested in the actual landing.

I also worked for a college radio station which had UPI (teletype) news. UPI was supposed to have shut the service off for the summer (the station didn't broadcast during the summer), but hadn't. So I put a new full box of teletype fanfold paper in the machine, turned it on shortly before the launch and let it run. UPI finally shut off the service shortly before the astronauts got back to earth, but I have the whole printout from the launch through the moon landing and most of the way home. What is most interesting is to read all the other news going on at the same time. (There were a couple of other comments to that effect above.)
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