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Default July 20, 1969....Happy Birthday to Me!!

I was in the the Officers Club, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. I was with my Flight Surgeon ..... we were both attached to the Naval Air Facility Medical Department...Half of Andrews is Naval Air Facility and Marine Air....we were watching the developments on TV and I was praying that once they landed they would do their moon walk while it was still July 25th birthday. I was sure that this event would become the next National Holiday....OH WELL....once the canisters of film came back from the Haselblad cameras used by Armstrong and Aldrin and were developed by NASA photo lab ( the Navy photographer was working thru the night to process the photos of the moon walk....he was a friend of ours... we both have a set of prints taken from that first generation of developed negatives from the lunar excursion.) Mine were autographed by Buzz Aldrin.
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