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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
I can’t get enough of these pictures. Thank you again so much for sharing, your parents seem to be very special and talented people and how lucky you were that they took you on the awesome adventure. [emoji4]❤️
I've sent a link to some folks of this thread and would like to share an A Typical
response from one of our neighbors in East Bridgewater MA.

'An Email from: Ken
Mon 5/20/2019 9:37 AM
Thank You Terry these photos brought back memories. The Rugg family was so unique as photos help relate. Your parents were special for sure, your Mom was amazing. The photos are wonderful but you really had to be there.
My neighbors in Eastbridgewater in the early 60's was the Rugg family of 10 children and me #11 ( there a whole lot, my love of music, automobiles & facts of life were hatched next door), a very special family. Life magazine did a spread on the family's cross country adventure. Mrs Rugg also won Queen for a day. Mr Rugg was an inventor, Mrs. Rugg was an amazing Matriarch.
PS: Oh yes and a shared love of horses (in both yards) existed as well'......

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