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Default Hobby Lobby, For The Retired??

Side Note, I mentioned back in post#31 how I became frustrated trying to post our Travel Story here on this Website in a different area, and having to give up.
So A friend of mine gave me a VH tape of the movie 'The Long Long Trailer, with Lucy and Dezi and my Grandson and I watched it together at the camp on Paugus Bay, and I never saw him Laugh so hard and much.
I did some research and found out about Clinton Twiss's book being the basis of the Movie.
Now, I always had that Gypsy Spirit because of my early experiences, and I bought a 28' Travelmate that the wife and I kept loaded and ready to Gitti-up-Go on weekends and up to Cape Breton Island where Mon and Dad enjoyed a vacation home during the summers, "Mom's Homeland", and then they would travel south and stop and visit with all O us Siblings scattered all ovah the country and on out to California to spend the winters with Sister's Linda and Sandra and Brother Bob whom remained there.
Now, to make a Loooog story short, I found an Off-Topic Forum out at Airstream Forums with a thread about The Long Long Trailer By Clinto Twiss, and started posting there about our journey West.
This was in 2009, and I started posting Post#16, and the thread went Global with some 43,000 views since. They even Garnered me with four Rivets.

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