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Originally Posted by tis View Post
So out of all those stops only one ticket? That's pretty good. And your Dad was pretty smart because obviously they didn't want 9 kids in jail!

Did you say how long the whole trip was? And did you stay out west once you got there? I love your story.
Yes Tis, and I understand when folks use a me,, myself, or I cellphone to view these photos and story, it is very easy to miss bits and pieces.

A quote from post # 170. " Eventually we took the Southern Route and returned to New England, ( some 6 and some change years later ) in a 1947 Plymouth Woody station wagon 9 passenger six cylinder with headers and dual exhaust, a huge luggage rack mounted on the roof, towing a 12' U'hall...
( Yet A Whole nothah story ) ! "

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