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Post Just One Tis, Ticket To Ride?

Originally Posted by tis View Post
No tickets? Just checking?
I know how tough it can be for some of the younger folks to fathom an old 19 and 49 Buick's abilities to tow such a Large trailer ( The Magic Carpet ). Well trust me, that old Buick straight eight cylinder had the torque required to tow us very comfortably at the posted speed limits of the day and we were never pulled over for going under the road speed limits anywhere!
However, we were over length and pulled over many times for permit checks. (AND, Thank God We Took The Northern Route)!!
Dad hadn't picked up a permit for Illinois........ and don't you know that we were pulled over by Illinois's finest. He measured with his ruler, tape measure and found that we were 97 inches over length!
A justice of the peace was wakened and Mom & Dad were taken off to court.

"One dollar an inch"! was the penalty.
Dad said, "Well your honor, we don't have that kind of money so you will have to put us and our 9 children in jail."....

"Twenty dollars, and get out of here." was the judge's response.

So we payed the fine and traveled on to California.
Thank you Tis.
With Love,

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